Before I made my visit to the Greek Islands (Santorini and Mykonos, specifically), I told myself that I was going to eat ALL THE SEAFOOD.  And Greek yogurt (or is it just called yogurt there?). And Greek salad. And taramosalata/tarama (for the uninitiated, it is fish roe dip. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it because it’s amazing). I’m a woman of my word, and sure enough I ate myself silly on the Mediterranean diet.  For better or for worse, at each meal out we kind of ordered the same menu – Greek salad (with a ton of feta obviously), olives, taramosalata, and fresh seafood.  Our order was no different at Captain’s, a seaside restaurant we happened upon in Mykonos.

Yes, Captain’s has a menu in both Greek and English, which may turn some people off, but we gave it a go anyway – and we weren’t disappointed.

First, the Greek salad:


Note the figurative ton of feta and generous splash of olive oil. Yum.

The tarama was one of the better ones we had on the trip (and we had ordered it about 5 times already so we had a lot to compare to):


Finally, the grilled octopus with a side of fava was also amazing (first photo).  I admit I was initially thrown off by the pureed fava (American me thought it was mashed potatoes, which – yum), but after I got used to it, I found the puree very light and refreshing.

Captain’s is right on the water, in a seemingly touristy area.  (And yes, you may be surrounded by fellow tourists).  However, unlike The Olive Garden in Times Square (which hey, if you like the breadsticks more power to you), at Captain’s you pay a fair price for some delicious food.  And really, that’s what I look for for many of my meals!