Shut up and take my money!  Yes, I may or may not have said this (or at least felt it) when I stepped into Chicago’s Doughnut Vault during my recent visit to the Windy City.  In today’s short but sweet post, I’m happy to share these doughnuts that were not only amazingly delicious but also as big as my FACE. Literally located in a teeny tiny vault space, Doughnut Vault offers a small but well-curated doughnut menu.   The menu of course offers fan favorite glazed (in vanilla, chocolate, and chestnut), a seasonal jelly filled doughnut, buttermilk old fashioned, a gingerbread stack, doughnut holes, an apple fritter, and a rotating daily special.  Short of ordering them all, what’s a girl to do?

After a good ten seconds of deliberation, which considering the fast-moving line was some significant pondering, I decided on the buttermilk old fashioned – only to be told that it was sold out. D’oh!  I was assured that the flavor of the day was just delicious, so I went with it – I think it was apple strudel?  My eating buddy thought it was a little “too sweet,” but those words don’t compute with me – it was juuust right.  A cake doughnut with a sweet and tangy glaze and crumbles, the doughnut of the day did not disappoint.

I also got two vanilla glaze doughnut holes for good measure, which were generously adorned with rainbow sprinkles – yum!  The doughnut holes were actually pretty sizable, almost slider size.  Between my doughnut of the day and two doughnut holes, I was pret-ty full.

My eating buddy got the chocolate doughnut, which was yeast-based and the size of his FACE.  I kid you not – whereas the doughnut holes were slider-sized, the chocolate doughnut was the size of a generous burger.  It was light and fluffy, and gone in no time.

Doughnut Vault is open every morning until they run out of doughnuts, which I’ve heard can be as early as 10:30a.m. on popular mornings. So don’t waste any time – if you find yourself in Chicago, make your way to the vault for some mouth-watering baked goods!

Doughnut Vault 401 N Franklin St Chicago, IL 60654