I love these little sheep that greeted me on the way in!

Oh happy day, Noshers!  Today I’m excited to share the grand opening of Green Dirt Farm Creamery & Terra Vox Tasting Room. I attended their sneak preview last week and I was super impressed with the space, the team, and oh my goodness the CHEESE! I shouldn’t have been surprised, as Green Dirt Farm makes some pretty amazing sheep’s milk cheeses and yogurts that are carried and served by fan favorites such as Whole Foods, Cosentino’s, and  The Farmhouse.  As you can see, there was a ton to choose from – just take a look at those chalkboard menus:

In addition to charcuterie plates, sandwiches, yogurt, and ice cream,  you could also purchase their delicious sheep’s milk cheese – Dirt Lover and Woolly Rind were two of my favorites, if I had to pick! They were ALL so good. Yum….

As you can see, there was a mad dash to try all the lovely cheeses, charcuterie, artisan breads, and chocolate.  My eating buddy and I really could not find a cheese that we didn’t find awesome.

A sour and tangy selection of pickles and mustards were available to complement our cheese plates:

… as well as a sampling of sandwiches from their menu. I admit I had two – the GDF PBJ (GDF fresh cheese, seasonal jam, nut butter, and FTM Farmhouse Toast) and the I’m So Fancy (lamb & pork pate, GDF Aux Arc cheese, dilly pickles, stone ground mustard, and Hearty Bakery baguette).  I also wanted to try the We Got the Funk and This Lil’ Piggie Got Fresh (who wouldn’t want to with those names??) but strategically decided to save room for more cheese.

Behold my I’m So Fancy mini sandwich surrounded by a mouthwatering wreath of cheeses!

A new addition to their offerings was housemade ice cream. I tried the Mint and the Dark Chocolate with Coffee – both were decadently rich and smooth.

Never one to turn down second dessert, I had to indulge in one of these sheep sugar cookies.  (Almost) too cute to eat!

Green Dirt Farm Creamery offers a fun atmosphere and amazing cheese plates and sandwiches that could not get any closer to the source.  The drive from downtown Kansas City to Weston was also beautiful and picturesque (a treat for this city girl!).  I will definitely be stopping by again to partake in a grilled cheese and a cheese plate. Won’t you join me? 🙂


Green Dirt Farm Creamery

1099 Welt Street Weston, MO 64098