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I recently made a trip to Park Slope in the name of hot dogs.  Offering much more than your corner Sabrett cart, Bark features locally sourced meats, bread, dairy and even furniture.  I was intrigued by this concept, but how did the dogs measure up?

Bark offers a variety of hot dogs, burgers, sausages and sandwiches:


At the recommendation of the Bark employee, I went with the Beans & Frank (first picture) – baked heirloom beans, smoky pork, onions and mustard.  The beans were delicious and the onions added a refreshing crunch.  However, I’m sad to say that I was disappointed by the dog itself.  The meat was a bit bland, lacking that kick that I value in a hot dog.  Additionally, I’m a fan of natural casing, providing that “bite back” when you take a bite.  If this dog had casing, I certainly didn’t notice.  The dog had so much potential, but it sadly fell short.

I also ordered the crispy pork sandwich – where the dog was lacking, the pork sandwich was flavorful, juicy and perfectly seasoned:


Showcasing a crispy pork patty garnished with pickles and slaw, the sandwich was perfectly textured, and a perfect combination of sweet, tangy, savory and sour.  I would definitely recommend giving the pork sammie a try.

bark-4-4774107 I’m giving Bark 2 Apples – while I wasn’t a big fan of their hot dog, the pork sandwich made up for that in the taste department.  I also give them props for their commitment to local sourcing – something you don’t see in every NYC eating establishment.

Skip the dogs; go for the Crispy Pork Sandwich.

Bark Hot Dogs 474 Bergen St. (@ Flatbush) Park Slope, Brooklyn

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