Last week was restaurant week here in Kansas City, and boy did I take advantage of that! With 3-course dinners priced at $33 and lunches priced at $15 (and with proceeds of restaurant week going to charity!), this was a pretty good deal.  We visited four restaurants and partook in the restaurant week menu for three of them – the fourth restaurant had a ribeye off the RW menu, and well… I can’t resist a good ribeye.  I’ll be posting a few of my favorite restaurant week dishes here on the lil’ ole’ blog for your reading and viewing pleasure.

The first restaurant we visited was Tavern at Mission Farms, serving classic American fare in a modern setting.:


I started with the wedge salad, while my eating buddy had the soup of the day – a hearty  mushroom bisque:



Both starters were solid, consistent options – no surprises but each nicely done.  I appreciate a well prepared wedge salad and devoured it accordingly!  My eating buddy thought the bisque had a good flavor but a slightly watery consistency, unfortunately.

For my main, I ordered the filet mignon with mushroom demi-glace, fingerling potatoes with gruyere and bacon, and grilled asparagus.  I like my steak super rare, and I was really impressed with how consistently rare the filet was – red throughout! I wondered aloud if the filet was prepared sous vide to achieve such results – if anyone from Tavern is reading this – is it?? 🙂


My eating buddy ordered the Osso Bucco with parmesan risotto, roasted vegetables, and a tomato demi-glace (first photo).  This main was also very done – with tender, fall-off-the-bone meat and flavorful and decadent risotto.  I admit I reached over for seconds (and thirds and fourths) of the risotto…

We ordered one of each of the desserts – cinnamon-Sugar donuts with crème anglaise and the lemon tiramisu:



The donuts were warm and generously portioned – they disappeared quickly (into my stomach!).  The lemon tiramisu had the structure of a traditional tiramisu, but all of the espresso and cocoa elements were swapped out for lemon and strawberry.  It reminded me of a strawberry shortcake or a traditional trifle.  I love lemon desserts, and this one was delicious!

Tavern at Mission Farms has quite an extensive menu, and we’ll probably make a return visit to sample it at some point.  If you’re looking for some pretty solid American cuisine and well-prepared meats, give Tavern a try!

Tavern at Mission Farms 10681 Mission Road Leawood, KS 66206

(913) 213-6588