KC does not lack for good brunch places – I’ve been to multiple brunch spots here (stay tuned for future write-ups!) and I’ve been pretty impressed with the options for my favorite meal of the day.  One of my local favorites is The Farmhouse, a self described “farm-to-table, tip-to-tail” restaurant.  The Farmhouse works with local farmers in Kansas and Missouri to secure in-season, fresh, locally grown or raised produce and meats.  The result is flavorful, seasonally relevant, and superbly satisfying dishes.  But I admit one of the things I like most about the place is I can bring one of my favorite eating buddies:

 farmhouse_bigapplenosh-8769924Meet my favorite 15-year-old Shih Tzu, Zeek

Okay, a lot of places have outdoor dining, but that’s definitely an added perk here.  Now onto the food.  I ordered a strong iced tea to start, then perused my options:


Sweet or savory? Meat or carbs? (Or both?). After much deliberation, I decided on the French Toast, with Missouri strawberries, maple syrup and whipped cream (first photo).  YUM. The French toast was just egg-y enough and the maple syrup with strawberries was like candy.  And since I’m indecisive, I got a side of bacon. Yasssss……

My eating buddy ordered the “Lord Kenzo” – a daunting pile of goodness as you can see below:

The Lord Kenzo consists of two house-made biscuits with cheddar cheese, a pork sausage patty, pork sausage gravy, and a fried-hard Windhaven Farms egg.  Wow.  I’m pretty sure I turned the plate around several times, a little intimidated, trying to find where to dig my fork in for a sample bite. I ultimately decided I just needed to take multiple forkfuls to get the full experience. And the Lord Kenzo did not disappoint.

Overall, The Farmhouse  is a delicious option in the River Market area.  The back of the menu had a long list of the farms from which the restaurant sources its ingredients, which is always good to see (and a fun read!).  If you’re looking for a a solid brunch option in KC, check out this quaint local joint.  I have not yet been to The Farmhouse for dinner, but the menu looks equally as delicious as brunch, so I hope to visit again soon.

The Farmhouse 300 Delaware Street Kansas City, Missouri 64105