the-majestic-kc-2-1-8475914One of the things I love most about living in a new city is finding my new favorites – new favorite sushi place, new favorite brunch restaurant, etc. And while I might still swap out old favorites for new finds, I love the search and eat process.  I recently found my favorite sweet brunch dish – yes, that’s a category.   And my new favorite sweet brunch dish is….(drum roll please…) the baked banana toffee French toast at The Majestic!  Yes, it looks good, but wait till you read the description…

Crème Anglaise glazed challah bread layered with fresh sliced bananas, crumbled English toffee, toasted walnuts, and brown sugar – and yes, it is amazing as it sounds.   I feel all French toast should be made with challah bread (or brioche in a pinch) as it has the perfect sweetness and dense consistency to soak up the egg mixture of choice.  The crème anglaise glaze was absolutely to die for, the bananas slightly caramelized and crispy, and the crumbled English toffee, toasted walnuts and brown sugar resulted in every bite being eyes-shut, savor-the-moment delicious.  I basically had dessert for breakfast.

The two thick slices of toast were hearty enough a meal, but it was also served with my choice of bacon, house made sausage, or two eggs. I chose the house made sausage, which was slightly spicy and served patty-style. Yum!

If I wanted more sweets to accompany the French toast, I need look no further than the accompanying mini muffins for the table, served with sweet butter. The muffin flavor changes regularly – during this visit they were cinnamon sugar. Just look at that muffin top! I admit I “popped the top”, Seinfeld style, because I wanted to save room for the toast. Ha!

I hear The Majestic offers a pretty good steak, and I’m intrigued by the prospect of live jazz – I’ll definitely be back for dinner.  But if you’re ever looking for an unbeatable French toast, look no further and give theirs a try. I promise you won’t regret it!

The Majestic 931 Broadway Kansas City, MO 64105