Before I made my visit to the Greek Islands (Santorini and Mykonos, specifically), I told myself that I was going to eat ALL THE SEAFOOD.  And Greek yogurt (or is it just called yogurt there?). And Greek salad. And taramosalata/tarama (for the uninitiated, it is fish roe dip. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it because it’s amazing). I’m a woman of my word, and sure enough I ate myself silly on the Mediterranean diet.  For better or for worse, at each meal out we kind of ordered the same menu – Greek salad (with a ton of feta obviously), olives, taramosalata, and fresh seafood.  Our order was no different at Captain’s, a seaside restaurant we happened upon in Mykonos.

Yes, Captain’s has a menu in both Greek and English, which may turn some people off, but we gave it a go anyway – and we weren’t disappointed.

First, the Greek salad:


When the wind of change blows, some people build walls; others build windmills”

As my wanderlust kicks in, I’m reminded of these picturesque windmills in Mykonos, and the beachside cafe with this prime view.

Happy weekend, everyone! What are your plans?


In my last post, I shared about the amazingly beautiful grounds of Ballyfin and the exemplary service.  In this post, I’m excited to share about one of the things that most compels me to travel – FOOD!!  Ballyfin has a vast fruit and veggie orchard, chicken coop, and bee hives from which the chef sources his produce, eggs, and honey.

We were welcome to wander the orchards as part of the grounds, and sample the produce – such as these lovely blackberries:

I absolutely love living in NYC, but when the city wears me down I fantasize about moving to Hawaii :). I’ve visited no less than six times and am always looking for an excuse to make a return trip. Each time I visit I fall in love with the beautiful island state a little more. My life is established here on the East Coast, but if somehow things worked out where I had to make a cross-country, cross-ocean move, I would jump at the opportunity.

One of my favorite indulgences when in Hawaii is shave ice (yes, that’s “shave” with no -d) – super fine ice with syrup flavors that are chilled to prevent the dreaded “chunking.” I usually get mango, lilikoi (passion fruit) and guava flavors and add macadamia nut ice cream, sweet adzuki beans if available, and a snow cap (condensed milk) for good measure. When it comes to shave ice, more is more 😉. I usually get shave *at least* every other day when in Hawaii – if not every day. There are a few shave ice places here in NYC, but they aren’t Hawaiian-style, so I’m still on the look-out. This particular one was from Wishing Well Shave Ice in Kauai, and it was oh so good.  Until I return, a girl can dream…

Have you had shave ice before?

Last year I stayed at the breathtakingly beautiful Ballyfin Demesne – a 614 acre estate located in the heart of Ireland.  It was an out-of-this-world experience, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

First, the small feat of figuring out how to get in…