Happy Wednesday, Noshers!  Today I’m excited to share this super easy tutorial on making avocado roses.  Avocado roses have been popping up all over lately, and I thought I’d try my hand at doing it – turns out it’s really quick and simple, and really brightens up your brunch or salad plate!  All you need is half an avocado to make one rose. Let’s get started, shall we? 

  1. Split an avocado in half lengthwise, and remove the pit

2. Peel the skin off the avocado half

3. Using a thin sharp knife, slice the avocado half into thin slices (the thinner the better)


4. Fan out the slices

5. Curve the small end of the avocado in on itself, and carefully wrap the larger slices around to form the rose shape.

6. Boom. Avocado rose.

It’s really as easy as it looks – try it out and leave me a comment (or tag me on Instagram!) to  let me know how it turns out. Can’t wait to see all your avocado roses!