Happy FriYAY, Noshers!! Today I’m happy to share our first experience with BarkBox – or rather, Toby’s first experience with BarkBox!  I realize I haven’t done a proper introduction of the newest member of the Nosh family – I’ll have to remedy that soon! In the meantime, Toby’s friend Buddy sent us a BarkBox as a welcome gift.  Isn’t that sweet? September’s theme was Bark to School, of course!  As you can see in the first photo, Toby was getting pretty impatient while waiting for me to take a photo – he wanted do dig right into the goodies. Can you blame him?

For the uninitiated, BarkBox is a monthly subscription box service for – you guessed it – your dog, featuring toys, treats, and goodies! I have a Korean beauty subscription box (Jini Beauty, which I’ve written about here on the blog), so why shouldn’t my dog have one as well? The Bark to School box definitely didn’t disappoint:


The box featured two squeaky toys that have since entered Toby’s rotation of “top 5 favorites” – a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a #2 pencil. Gotta be prepared for class, after all!  In addition to a senior superlatives booklet and composition book, Toby was also gifted with three types of snacks:

Ok doggy, you’ve been patient enough – time for the unboxing!  See Toby in action here:

Toby (and I) thoroughly enjoyed his September BarkBox, and we were gifted with an October one as well! I will be posting about that one soon – the theme, of course, is Howloween!  We might just have to consider making BarkBox a monthly thing in the Nosh household!  Thank you, Buddy, from Toby for this lovely welcome gift!