big-gay-ice-cream-4-9347436Almost ten years ago, I spotted an ice cream truck in Union Square that almost wasn’t quite like all the others.  This truck had its menu printed on the side of the truck as expected, with a friendly face behind the window – but plastered on the side of the truck was a colorful rainbow cone graphic with “BIG GAY ICE CREAM” in large print. I was intrigued. I perused the menu and had a tough time deciding between the Dorothy (named after Ms. Zbornak from The Golden Girls, of course) and the Salty Pimp. Decisions decisions! I went with the Salty Pimp – a vanilla soft serve cone injected with dulce de leche and finished with a salty dark chocolate shell. I was a convert.  

These days, Big Gay Ice Cream has graduated from a single truck to multiple storefronts.  I visited the West Village location recently, and the cheerful vibe was still alive and in full swing.  I went with the traditional – a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles, and I was not disappointed.  (They blend their own rainbow sprinkles!).  It was a hot day so I had to gobble the cone down quickly, but not before snapping a quick photo (you’re welcome).  The cone, as expected, was deeelish.

If you’re ever in the West or East Village, check out BGIC.  And if you don’t find yourself in the area, their pints are also sold in stores and online! Don’t deprive yourself; check them out and let me know what you think 🙂