Today I’m really excited to share a cute grocery store I’ve been frequenting in Kansas City called The Sundry.  I admit that I was thoroughly spoiled living on the Upper West Side – I was in walking distance of Fairway, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Citarella, Westside Market, and Zabar’s.  Helloooooo amazing food shopping!

The Sundry specializes in locally sourced produce and meats, fresh-baked breads, prepared foods and handcrafted goods. I love their handy-dandy chalkboard map detailing where their different offerings come from:

I spent an inordinate amount of time in this corner – dairy products are my jam! (mmmm, jam…)

The Sundry also had a pretty awesome housewares section as well, with soaps and detergents and even dog treats for NoshDog!

Look at these Beer Paws! I ended up not purchasing these as NoshDog is a senior with no teeth, but I’m pretty sure they would be well-received otherwise!

The Sundry also has a small but delicious locavore menu, featuring local ingredients. My eating buddy tried the Eggs Benedict:

….and I had the droolworthy fried mortadella sandwich using Of The Earth Farm Berkshire pork, with Little Bill’s Pimento cheese and onion on house made sourdough.  Yup, it tasted as good as it sounds.  Mmm…..

The Sundry also has a delicious-looking lunch menu that I’ll probably sample when I’m looking for a quick solo lunch break. Seasonal curry, anyone? (raises hand unabashedly).

The Sundry is a cute little shop with a constantly rotating selection of offerings – I’ll definitely be stopping by frequently to discover new things I didn’t know I needed :).

The Sundry
1706 Baltimore Avenue Kansas City, MO 64108