sweet_revenge-5-9275362I absolutely love the West Village, and I’m always looking for any excuse to wander around this quaint neighborhood!   I was recently contacted by the owner of Sweet Revenge about their new brunch menu,  and I jumped at the opportunity to try it out because:

1. I love brunch (it’s my fave meal of the day!), and their online menu looked scrumptious

2. It was a beautiful day in the (West Village) neighborhood.

So off I went!

The first thing I noticed was this tiny place was packed – joint was jumpin’ for a late Saturday morning.  My eating buddy and I found a cute corner table by the window and ordered some coffee – stat!


Once we were thoroughly caffeinated, we perused the menu:


Since I’m in the habit of pre-reading menus before dining anywhere (I’m not the only one, am I? [crickets]), I knew exactly what I wanted.  The red velvet waffles, with whipped cream cheese, salted caramel syrup, raspberry sauce & fruit (first picture) were calling my name. If you listen real close, I think they’re calling your name too.

I love all things red velvet, not to mention all things cream cheese (bwahaha, dangerous combo), and these waffles didn’t disappoint.  Both crisp and chewy, light but decadent, the waffles were totally awesome.  Add in the salted caramel syrup, and you’re golden.  I personally enjoyed dipping my Granny Smith apple slices into the caramel. Deeelish!

Eating buddy opted for the baked French Toast, infused with Mexican vanilla and served with Fleur de Sel syrup, fruit, whipped cream and Mexican villa sugar-crusted pumpkin seeds:


We were both pleasantly surprised to see that the French toast was almost reminiscent of a souffle, enhancing the custardy appeal and dense consistency.  The Fleur de Sel syrup was so good that my eating buddy may have asked for another serving of it.  By may, I mean he did.

At this point, we were pretty stuffed, but the cupcakes (as the waffles did) were calling my name.  There were quite a few to choose from – in addition to their regulars, Sweet Revenge has a rotation of Artisan cupcakes:


I asked owner Marlo Scott for her fave, and she pointed me towards, what else – the namesake cupcake Sweet Revenge!  Featuring peanut butter cake, ganache filling and peanut butter fudge frosting, this delectable delight highlighted one of my favorite flavor combinations – peanut butter and chocolate. Delicioso!


One fun feature on the menu was that each baked good featured a wine and beer pairing.  In the name of culinary blogging, of course I *had* to partake – I paired my Sweet Revenge cupcake with the recommended Alta Luna Legrein.  Low on tannins but rich on flavor, I was a fan.



Eating buddy went the traditional route and ordered the Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookie, which was paired with a glass of bubbly whose name eludes me now, but I *loved*. Yummy!  I admit I reached over more than once for that flute of fizzy fun.


Sweet Revenge is a cute and cozy West Village brunch spot with a delicious and fun menu to boot.  It was so great to talk to the owner, Marlo Scott, and hear about how this former sleepy morning spot transformed into a bustling brunch locale.  It also transforms into a winebar at night, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a return trip to check out that atmosphere! If you’re ever in downtown NYC, definitely check Sweet Revenge out!


A quintessential NYC casual brunch spot.

Sweet Revenge

62 Carmine St. (@ Bedford)



As this was a sponsored meal (a rare occurrence – this was my second!), I’m not giving a rating; however, the opinions are true and wholly my own. (You can see my sponsored meal policy.)