Happy HOWLOWEEN, Noshers!! Today I’m happy to share our October BarkBox, which is, of course, Halloween themed!  I had previous written about our September Barkbox, a gift from Toby’s friend Buddy.  Buddy shared the love once again this month, but I told Toby that the subsequent boxes would have to go back to Buddy – we don’t want to make frenemies!  As mentioned with our first Barkbox, this super-cute monthly subscription box service surprises your furry friend with toys, treats and other goodies. As you can see, Toby was being a good boy sitting next to his box, but he really wanted to dig in! And could you blame him – look at what we received this month:

For such a little guy, Toby has a lot of toys – and he loves them!  The October box featured a friendly tug-of-war pumpkin a Sadie’s Book of Spells squeaky toy. Toby was also gifted with three types of snacks:

  • American Hound All Natural Jerky Dog Treats – Pork & Sweet Potato – made with ingredients I recognize and can pronounce, these jerky treats smelled delicious. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to try them, ha!  I’ll just have to take Toby’s word for it though, and he loved chewing on these treats.
  • Superior Farms Pet Provisions Lamb Lung Toasters – lamb lung isn’t on top of my list of “must try’s”, but Toby heartily disagrees with me.  These crunchy morsels made our mini-training sessions a delicious breeze for him!
  • Dog for Dog Dogsbar – Peanut Butter  – This bar looked just like an energy bar meant for human consumption; I actually looked it up online to verify if it was for me or for Toby. Alas, it was for the dog.  And he loved it – he’s a peanut butter fan, like me 🙂

Finally, after patiently posing for photos for what seemed like AGES, Toby dug into his Barkbox (if you’re reading this post via email, hop on over to the blog to check out the video!):

As you can see, our second BarkBox was a hit, and I think we may have to consider adding Barkbox to the Nosh household.  I think it will be making its way onto Toby’s Christmas list!