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When I was an undergrad at NYU, there were a few truths we held to be self-evident – dorm rooms were not as spacious as portrayed in Felicity,  don’t skip class because Tim Robbins could be the guest speaker, and the dining hall was for freshmen (sorry, freshmen).  But seriously, why pay $10 for reheated chicken fingers when you had a whole city of food awaiting you?

One of our late-night staples was Pommes Frites, which I still frequent when craving some starchy goodness.  As you can see, the menu is quite extensive:


Alright, to clarify – the sauce menu is quite extensive.  As for the fries, the only choice you have in the matter is regular, large or double.  Oh, and poutine – heeeey! Love poutine.  Anyhoo.  The first time I ate here with a buddy, I made the mistake of ordering a large.  Alright, if you want a cone of fries the size of your head (and I have a big head. Physically, that is), go ahead.  But for my eating buddy and I, the regular was juuuust fine.   The fries are hot, crispy on the outside, mealy on the inside, and a perfect vehicle for the myriad of sauces offered.

The fries were cut fresh and fried in the giant vat-o-yum:



To supplement our frites, we got the Nosh trifecta of roasted garlic mayo, honey mustard mayo and Parmesan peppercorn.  Each was delish – eating buddy slurped up the honey mustard, while I favored the peppercorn:pommes_frites-3-7704123

Pommes Frites is open until 1am on weekdays at 3:30am on weekends – can you tell they cater to the student crowd?  I had the freak-out of the week when what I thought that PF was replaced by a shiny new frites joint.  But not to worry, just walk 200 feet south, and you’ll find that dark, greezy Pommes Frites is there to stay.  Yum.

Perfect for a late-night snack.

Pommes Frites 123 2nd Ave. (at 7th St.)


Are you a fan of thin of thick fries?