Happy Monday, Noshers!  I know I’ve been a bit MIA lately – things have been a little hectic in the NoshGirl world!  But I am SUPER excited to be attending New York Taste 2013 this evening – I’m totally going to stop by Dominque Ansel’s table tonight and ask for my cronut (ha! a girl can dream).  I’ll be live-tweeting and posting photos from the event, so if you’re not following me on twitter or instagram yet, what are you waiting for?

Today’s post is a bit random – recently a Nosher asked me via twitter what I eat for lunch every day.  I wish I could tell you I have fantabulous five-course lunches every day, but a rushed (hopefully delicious) meal, eaten at my desk anywhere between 12pm and 4:30pm is more the reality.  I’m not the only one, right? But Noshers ask, and NoshGirl delivers – below is a photo-summary of a work-week of lunches:



Pret-a-Manger sent me a few gift cards to check out their fall soups – so of course I had to try their Mac & Cheese with Sausage.  Okay…that’s not really a soup….at all.  But it was found in the soup section, so that counts right? Aaaaanyway, I’m sticking with it – with cheddar, Monterey jack, Gouda, and Italian sausage, this mac & cheese was hearty and filling.  Supplemented with a yogurt and granola pot because I loooove yogurt and granola.  Crisp clear photo courtesy of the HTC One I’m trying out for a few weeks, on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network!


bigapplenosh_lunch-5-7000038I go to Dig Inn when I’m trying to be a little healthier – though I admit I don’t always choose the healthiest options there!  I always get the “small plate” with the spicy meatball protein, “un-fried” (but still good, phew!) veggie rice, and three veggie sides (this time I got the roasted Brussels sprouts, farro and cucumber salad, and roasted local beets with pumpkin seeds).  Complemented with Dig Inn’s roasted red pepper sauce, this lunch fills me up without making me feel absolutely gross afterward.


bigapplenosh_lunch-3-2315610They just opened a Paris Baguette near my workplace!  Despite its name, Paris Baguette is a Korean bakery that has been in my hometown for a while. So, I was super excited to see it around the corner from my work building.  After much deliberation of the various pastry options, I decided on a cream of mushroom soup and a curry pastry.


bigapplenosh_lunch-4-2932506Super busy day, no time to go out and grab lunch :(.  Thankfully I have a bag of SexyPop in my snack stash – despite my slight embarrassment of having a bag of “SEXY POP!!” at my desk, this stuff is deliciously addictive.  The Brazilian coconut is pictured above, and it reminds me of kettle corn.  My absolutely favorite flavor though is the black pepper – so spicy!  Balanced by a bottle of iced tea I found in my NYC Wine & Food Festival swag bag.


bigapplenosh_lunch-1-6790789Back to Pret-a-Manger to wrap up the week – this time I went with the New England Lobster Bisque, which I absolutely LOVED (I’m a fan of soups especially and cream soups specifically), and a “Slim” California Club with turkey, egg, avocado, mesclun and pesto.  I thought “Slim” meant it was in lower in fat – and I guess it is because “Slim” refers to the fact that it’s half a sandwich. Ha! Ah well, still very yummy.

As you can see, my lunch is pretty typical but generally delicious.  There are some “yay!” days, like when I check out the food trucks (Taiwanese street food, anyone?), and somewhat sad days (I did not include a picture of an empty desk on days when I’m too busy to eat!).  But overall, I try to make lunch an interesting part of my day to break things up a bit.

What do you usually do for lunch?