During my roadtrip around Ireland last year, we spent a few days at the K Club in County Kildare.  Just about an hour outside of Dublin, the K Club is located on a sprawling property that includes perfectly manicured gardens, an award winning golf course that hosted the Ryder Cup, multiple restaurants, and (though not advertised) a patch of lawn in which I found multiple 4- and 5-leaf clovers 🙂

Our stay was near the end of our roadtrip (we had flown into Shannon and were flying out of Dublin, even though I forgot to customize the car rental accordingly – oops!!), so by that time I was just looking forward to enjoying the property and lazing about.  I did some of my aforementioned 4-leaf clover hunting, and of course, ate a lot:

Yeah, I kinda protein-loaded on the breakfasts, but when in Ireland…right?  That white pudding was delish, but I wasn’t brave enough to keep trying the black pudding.  Give me all the cured meats and cheese though!

I also treated myself to a fancypants dinner because you only stay at the K Club in 2017 once, right?

We started with a chef’s choice amuse bouche:

Then, I ordered the baked Cooleeney Farm’s mini goat cheese with candied walnuts, orange reduction, and honey pearls – as I’ve mentioned a gazillion times, I’m a huge fan of sweet and savory mixes, and this dish was perfection.

For my main, I was extremely excited to see Sole Meuniere on the menu – if you haven’t tried this fish preparation before, I highly encourage it once in your life.  Meuniere sauce is a brown butter and lemon concoction of your dreams.  The whole Black Sole Meuniere with vanilla scented bisque and crayfish tails, deboned at the table, was a highlight.

The landscaped walkway was a perfect scene for an after-dinner stroll

And the setting sun yielded some dramatic cloudscapes.

If you ever visit Ireland and find yourself looking for a more relaxed oasis outside of Dublin, check out the K Club and let me know what you think!