It’s always a pleasant surprise to happen upon a hidden gem in NYC.  Space and real estate are a hot commodity here – some of the best meals can be found at hidden holes-in-the-wall.  However, I’m definitely not one to turn my nose up at quaint ambiance and cozy decor.  With a secret outdoor dining area and scrumptious Italian fare,  I Coppi won me over pronto; I had a truly delightful meal here!

Eating buddy and I first started with the Crostoni Di Taleggio E Fichi – grilled Tuscan bread with melted taleggio cheese and figs, served on a baby arugula salad:


My eating buddy ordered the entree special (first picture), a cheese and mushroom stuffed pork chop. This chop was huuuge!  I admit I usually stay away from pork chops, as the ones I’ve had were a bit dry.  However, a sample bite or two of eating buddy’s chop was juicy, flavorful and just the right amount of fatty.  If you had to go with a pork chop, you couldn’t go too wrong with this one here.

I ordered the pasta special – pesto penne topped with a soft cheese, the name of which escapes me now (but was deeeelicioso!).  I am a HUGE pesto fan. Huge.  This one was exploding with fresh basil flavor – so yummy!  The soft cheese added creaminess and just a touch of tang to the dish.  Anyone know what type of cheese this is?  All I know is that I was wiping up these pesto sauce with the breadbasket. Mmm!


As I mentioned before, we were lucky enough to be sitting in the covered dining garden – look at this place.  Hard to believe it’s in the heart of the East Village, isn’t it?


I would definitely recommend I Coppi for scrumptious Italian fare in a casual, intimate setting.  The service was attentive, knowledgeable and prompt.  We dined here on a Sunday night and it was pretty packed, so definitely call ahead for reservations in the dining garden!

I Coppi 432 East 9th St. (between 1st/A)


Unbeatable atmosphere, delectable cuisine.