Heirloom Bakery & Hearth has the best sandwich cookie in KC. There, I said it! I know that’s a bold statement, and not all of you  may agree with me, but just behold this beauty:

That is two friggin’ soft, chewy, sugar-coated peanut butter cookies with a generous layer of rich chocolate ganache  sandwiched in between.  Be still my heart!

In fact, a near-fight broke out between me and my eating buddy when we sneaked one of these cookies (my selection) and this equally decadent but obvious second choice double chocolate chunk cookie (his selection) into a movie theater and I refused to share:

What can I say – sharing was not one of my strong suits in pre-school, nor now – especially when it comes to desserts.  I can’t help it if my eating buddy chose….poorly (He really didn’t, the double chocolate chunk cookie was delicious, and bonus points if you know what movie that “choosing poorly” quote is from).

We had actually stopped by Heirloom for their much talked-about breakfast sandwiches, which did not disappoint.  But when we saw the extensive pie menu, not to mention the counter overflowing with sweets, how could we resist?

Helloooooo, gorgeous….

Come to mama!

But yes, back to the breakfast sandwiches – the menu itself is simple – choose 3 fixings out of egg, bacon, cheese, tomato, pesto or greens, and all of this goodness is piled onto a amazingly droolworthy housemade biscuit.

I went with the egg, bacon, cheese and pesto (yup, paid the upcharge for a fourth fixin’ – crazy ladies, I tell ya!).  And it was good.  The melty cheese combined with crisp bacon and mmmm that pesto!  I also don’t know what they put in that biscuit, but I have a feeling a lot of butter and herbs were involved. It was amazing.

We couldn’t leave without one more perusal of the baked goods – morning muffins? Check! Fruit tarts? Check!  Homemade pop tarts with blue icing in honor of the Royals? Check!!

I also loved and appreciated this sign detailing their local sources – I recognized a few of them from my CSA last year (Shatto Milk and Campo Lindo, I’m looking at you!

If you’re looking for a cute and casual breakfast place with a never-ending assortment of baked goods to enjoy (or errr….sneak into a matinee movie), check out Heirloom Bakery & HearthI’ll definitely be back to see what other desserts they have to offer – see you there! 🙂

Heirloom Bakery & Hearth 401 East 63rd Street Kansas City, MO 64110