img_20150506_202513-300x300-5338989Snowday‘s signature maple grilled cheese – AMAZING

Happy happy Thursday, Noshers!!  It’s almost the weeeeekend! I can’t wait – any fun plans?

Today I’m sharing my photos from the absolutely mouthwatering, gut-busting eat-stravaganza that was The Village Voice’s 4th Annual Choice Streets Food Truck Event.  It was the event’s fourth year, but my first time attending – and wow, was I missing out.  I actually was so excited that I brought my dSLR camera without its battery – UGH!! My worst nightmare.  So I had to rely on my shoddy camera on my phone.  Thankfully, with a ton of food trucks lined up on Pier 86th with the Intrepid as a backdrop, the event was a sight for sore eyes (and growling stomachs).  My eating buddy and I stuffed ourselves silly.

But what you really are waiting for – the pictures!  Without further ado:

My first stop was at Big D’s Grub for their Bangkok basil spicy pork fried rice with a runny egg on top:


My second stop turned out to be my very favorite dish of the evening (first photo) – Snowday‘s signature maple grilled cheese with sharp cheddar, Shewolf Bakery sourdough, 100$ pure NY state maple syrup. Wow!  I know you may be skeptical, but I’m totally going to try my next grilled cheese with a side of maple syrup.  Making this even more appealing, Snowday is the first food truck of Drive Change NYC an organization that hires and trains formerly incarcerated youth. Very cool!

I then moved to a dessert course at The Treats Truck – I sampled all of their wares, the pecan butterscotch bars, and the peanut butter brownies:


Korilla BBQ‘s bulgogi taco was finger lickin’ good:


And last but definitely not least, I had my very first langos from the Langos Truck – kinda like a savory Hungarian zeppoli – this one of my my eating buddy’s favorites!


There were a number of other amaaazing dishes I tried that I gobbled up before I got a picture (ooooops) – in particular, Sweet Chili‘s sriracha fries topped with sweet & spicy sriracha and sriracha aioli, Gorilla Cheese’s a cheese sandwich with bacon and tater tots (!!) that was calling my name, and the Orange Creamsicle ice from Andy’s Italian Ice– wow!  The evening was not only delicious but beautifully scenic, with the Intrepid and the NYC skyline surrounding the parade of trucks.  I can’t wait till next year’s event!

Which of the above dishes would you be most interested in trying?