“Good sushi and where to find it in KC” – that’s been my underlying motivation since I’ve moved from NYC.  While there have been a few mishaps with my seafood adventures in the Midwest (note to self – do NOT use frozen supermarket lobster tails in a lobster boil), thanks to some internet research and good ole’ asking around, I’ve encountered some sushi options in the “passable to pretty good” range.  My experience at Sushi UNI fell on the “pretty good” side of the spectrum.

Sushi UNI is inconspicuously located in a generic strip mall, as I’m quickly learning many good ethnic restaurants are. To me, the locale doesn’t matter – the quality of the food is paramount!  So how did Sushi UNI stack up?

First, props for providing some comp dishes – we received a squid salad (we returned again and weren’t given this – maybe they had excess? And then another time we got crab rangoon – a bit random) – it was delicious:


As well as an equally satisfying salad of julienned veggies, imitation crabmeat, tempura crunchies and sesame seeds – okay, maybe not suuuper authentic, but I still dug it.

Now onto the sushi – we got a few rolls (dragon, spicy crunchy tuna) – the rice was well seasoned, the fish tasted fresh, and the pieces were cut to manageable size (one of my pet peeves is when rolls are cut into GIANT pieces).  We also ordered a sushi combo (first photo), and again, the fish tasted fresh and of good quality.

Sushi UNI won’t necessarily win points for ambiance but the service was warm and friendly, and the sushi delicious, at least on par with the East Village joints I used to drop into in NYC.  I have to hand it to you, KC (or Lenexa, Kansas, to be exact), you do have some good sushi options!

Sushi UNI 12841 W 87th St Pkwy Lenexa, KS 66215

(913) 322-8667