Happy Wednesday, Noshers!  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that last week I posted this teaser photo:

I heart lobsters.

Well, today I’m super excited to share my recent collaboration with FreshDirect – if you live in the NYC-area, you’ve no doubt heard of them (and are possibly a FD enthusiast 🙂 ).

FreshDirect is hosting its annual Lobster Party, a celebration of summer, seafood, and delicious cooking with friends and family!  When they asked whether I’d like to share my lobster preparation experience and tips with all of you Noshers, it took me approximately 2 seconds to say yes.  Hopefully this post will encourage you to host your own lobster party! Hey, if I can prepare a lobster meal in a tiny kitchen, I’m sure you’ll be fine :).

To prepare for my party, FreshDirect provided me with Homarus Lobsters as well as a shopping spree on the FreshDirect site for a bunch of yummy and delicious sides!  I admit I wasn’t familiar with Homarus Lobsters before this opportunity – but I was not disappointed.  FreshDirect is an exclusive retailer of these scrumptious gems of the ocean, which are sourced directly from Homarus’ dock in Maine and delivered live to me (and you!). These “summer” lobsters have softer shells – you don’t even need a lobster cracker!  And much to my delight, the meat tasted a little sweeter than usual – I am a huge fan of drenching lobster meat in butter and salt (soooo healthy, I know).  That wasn’t really necessary with these lobsters 🙂

For my lobster party, I prepared the main ingredient in my favorite way – the quick and easy lobster bake.  I alternate between calling it a bake and a boil, but it really is just a lobster steam  – letting the lobster cook from the steam of a few inches of liquid rather than submerging it completely.  I find it easy, quick, and extremely flavorful.

In my original posting of this recipe, I list exact measurements; however, in my mom’s style of cooking, I will approximate here and I guarantee the results will be delicious!  Feel free to tweak and adjust as you see fit, based on your favorite ingredients and what’s in your kitchen pantry 🙂

Basically, roughly slice an onion and saute in butter over medium heat for about 5 minutes in a large stockpot.   Add in 6-8 small red potatoes, a bunch of chorizo slices, halved corn on the cob (unless you’d like to put the corn on the grill, as we did this time!), and a dozen or so steamer clams.  Add in either 2 cups of white wine or 2 cups of chicken broth, and bring to a simmer.

IF you have a large stockpot, add two lobsters and cover tightly.  Cook until the steamers have opened and lobsters are cooked (about 15 minutes).

IF you have a small, studio-appropriate stockpot, cook the steamers as I do below, then remove them and THEN add the lobsters.

Arrange this delicious seafood smorgasbord on a large serving dish and enjoy!

We also cooked up linguini, and tossed with a few of the potatoes, sliced garlic, the broth, and a ton of fresh ground pepper. This was SO GOOD.

A lobster party wouldn’t be a lobster party with fresh corn, wrapped in foil with butter and garlic salt to be finished on the grill:

And finally – essential to the meal was some sliced sourdough bread, brushed with butter and minced garlic (sensing a theme here?), and placed on the hot grill for a few minutes for those lovely char marks.  These slices were integral to sopping up the precious lobster-chorizo broth!

I still had a ton of lobster meat left over (I may have purchased a few extras of these bad boys) – if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I made an AMAZING lobster roll as well as lobster bisque. So good!  Would you like the recipes for those as well?

Well, there you have it, Noshers!  A quick and easy tutorial on hosting your own lobster party – but don’t take my word for it!  Be creative and come up with your own side dishes!

FreshDirect is currently having a Lobster Party Sale – so you can taste these sweet summer lobsters for yourself, and treat your friends as well.  (They also have a Lobster Hotline – I’m not kidding – call 1-844-4LOBSTA for tips and jokes. Seriously!  Or….humorously??). And finally, first time FreshDirect customers can get $25 off your order of $75 or more, with code FDLOBSTER*.

I hope my post has inspired you to host your own party – it’s simple, fun and delicious for both lobster newbies and experts alike! If you do end up hosting your own lobsterfest, please take pictures and tag them on Instagram and Twitter with #FDLobsterParty – I’ll be following along 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂

Are you a lobster fan? What’s your favorite way to prepare lobster?

*Okay okay, so sorry to rain on your parade – but I was told I have to put this legalese in!  $25 Off Offer is a limited-time offer for first-time residential customers in the FreshDirect delivery areas. Expires on 9/30/2014. May not be combined with any other promotion code. Valid only for your first order. Valid only for orders totaling $75 or more before taxes. $25 is taken off first order. Limit: one per customer/household. All standard customer terms and conditions apply. FreshDirect reserves the right to cancel or modify the offer at any time. Void where prohibited. Offer is nontransferable. ©2014 Fresh Direct, LLC