Happy Wednesday, Noshers!  Today I’m deliciously excited to share a fun new find at Whole FoodsSun Noodle, the noodle producer that supplies ramen to top noodle bars like Momofuku, Ivan Ramen and Slurp Shop, now offers pre-packed RAMEN KITS!!!

The ramen kits come in three varieites, shoyu, miso, and “kaedama” (which, for the initiatied, is what you say to add a second helping of noodles to your remaining broth. Mmmm….).  The kits are MSG-free and available at all NYC Whole Foods Market locations, the Portchester, NY, store, and select New Jersey locations.  


As you can see, the kits are refrigerated packs of fresh ramen noodles (very much like the fresh pasta you can find in the refrigerated section of your market), paired with concentrated soy sauce or miso base that can be easily prepared.


These ramen kits are not only absolutely delicious, but surprisingly (to me) affordable – the Shoyu and Miso kits retail for $5.99 each, and the Kaedama noodles are $2.99.  Each kit has two servings of noodles – as a voracious eater, I admit was skeptical that there were enough noodles for two people and fully expected to devour a whole kit solo.  Well, my eyes were certainly bigger than my stomach because one serving is definitely enough for one person, especially if you add in extras like I did!  My additions of choice were a soft cooked egg (tell me a time when a dish is NOT improved by the addition of a soft cooked egg), bok choy, and scallions.  So for $3 per person, plus a little more for whatever add-ins you desire, you too can have a restaurant-quality ramen dinner :).  And these noodles were GOOD – no 99cent ramen packages here.  If you follow the included instructions, I dare say that the noodles came out as well as what you’d get at your favorite ramen joint!


These Sun Noodle ramen kits are a quick, delicious, and affordable option for those nights when you don’t have the time (or in my case, patience!) to wait on line for a seat at a ramen bar, but would still like a ramen meal that’s a step up from the “typical” instant ramen. Stop by your local (tri-state) Whole Foods and check it out for yourself!

Happy Slurping!

Disclosure: Sample ramen kits provided by Whole Foods Market; opinions in this post wholly and completely my own. Because this stuff is delicious.