In which I wax poetic about a potted plant




succulent-1Why yes, I am in fact going to write a whole schpiel about a $5.99 succulent plant.

This is not just any plant though – this is a plant from one of my favorite flower/ plant places in the world – Trader Joe’s (my other favorite place to buy flowers or plants is the corner bodega. Any corner bodega will do). See, I kinda have the opposite of a green thumb – plants see me and preemptively wilt in proactive surrender. I’ve even had fake plants give up (a mischievous pet might have played a role). That, plus the fact that cut flowers eventually wither, which makes me sad, causes me to gravitate toward TJs or the bodega. Not only are the flowers well-priced, but they are hearty! And I don’t feel so sad when they meet their eventual demise.

I saw this little pink succulent during my weekly TJs visit, standing out proudly in a sea of its mint-shaded brethren. I knew it had to come home with me. When I checked out, the friendly cashier (and they are always friendly) squealed in delight and we both raved at the little plant’s beauty. She said she hoped they would receive more because she wanted one just like it. I carefully carried it home, taking care not to trip over my feet as a klutz like myself is wont to do. It’s just sitting pretty on my windowsill now, brightening up the room.

Flowers, man. They’re kinda magical.

Recipe: THE Salted Caramel Pie

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Happy day-before-Thanksgiving!  I know I’m not alone in saying that Thanksgiving is one of my absolute favorite holidays of the year.  My extended family gets together for an eat-stravaganza that includes a turkey (of course), a whole roast suckling pig, ham, sides of all sorts, and a dessert buffet. I hadn’t been able to attend for the past few years because I was in Missouri, but now I am back in NYC! And I can’t wait!!

Every year, one of the most requested recipes is the salted caramel pie – in fact, it is one of the most visited pages on the Big Apple Nosh blog! And with good reason – not only is the pie super simple to make, but it is AMAZING.  I’m actually deviating from this old standby this year and making a dark chocolate salted caramel pie. Stay tuned for how that turns out! But in the mean time, I am proud to once again endorse this fool-proof, crowd pleasing recipe.  As shared in previous years… Continue Reading

Event Alert – New York Taste 2017! Monday, November 6th!

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One of my favorite dishes from the last New York Taste nights I attended!

Happy FRIIIYAAY, Noshers!  Today I’m sharing the details of one of my absolute FAVORITE food events of the year – New York Taste!  This amazing night of culinary delights is taking place next Monday, November 6th, and yours truly will be be attending for the fifth time (yup, I love it that much).  Now in its 19th year, New York Taste 2017 will feature chefs from over 40 of NYC’s most delicious restaurants. Some of the chefs I absolutely must visit this year are Simone Tong, Dale Talde, and my personal event fave – Wyle Dufresne! One of the best things of this event (besides the food) is that the chefs are all available and eager to chat – so yes, in between table hopping and stuffing my face, I’ll be chatting up these fabulous individuals!

Proceeds from the event go to City Harvest – do you really need another reason to eat for a good cause? I didn’t think so.  If you’ve been waiting and waiting to buy tickets for this – DO IT!

General admission tickets are on sale now – don’t wait, the VIP tix are already sold out!

My previous visits to New York Taste:

I really hope to see you there!

Check out the chef line-up – who would you most like to chat up?

A Watercress Evening with Chef Ming Tsai and B&W Quality Growers!

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Sous Chef Kenji, Me, and Chef Ming – the only thing missing is the watercress.

Watercress – the less looked-upon green – until now! Growing up in a Chinese household, watercress was always in our greens rotation.  Figuring prominently in hot pot meals, soup, and as a stir-fried veggie, I always loved this spicy, slightly bitter green.  So, I was super excited to attend last week’s watercress dinner hosted by Chef Ming Tsai and B&W Watercress Growers. Featuring a 6-course meal featuring watercress, I was curious to see how versatile the vegetable could be. And I was certainly not disappointed! See for yourself:

We started with watercress-artichoke dip served with whole wheat pita chips: Continue Reading